eeps Data Games hub

NOT in the main set yet, but worth looking at

Treasure Hunt Hidden in San Francisco.

River Cross Bet and hope to survive

Balloons The gamiest one yet...

Find the Spy (1-D) Don't let her escape!

Alien Power Plant TRY not to blow it up, OK?

Cruising Don't run the red lights...

MotorBoat Upstream and Downstream

Clinic (early prototype)

Ball Factory Idea from Cliff...

Weasels Numeric vs Categorical. Special Mariel Triggs version of Weasels!

In the main set. Use DG!

Proximity (original) MiniGolf, evolved...

Proximity with Carom You can bounce of the walls!

Proximity with Carom and out of bounds and if you try to pull back too far you get your wrist slapped.!

Floyd's of Fargo Simple insurance/risk game. One player only.

Markov Save the dog from the evil genius!

Shuffleboard Actually linear...

Slightly more advanced Lunar Lander

Especially intriguing, but what's the game? What's the data?

Grundy's Game

FlexNet Inspired by Planarity. Not yet a game but with really interesting behavior.

Outdated or Troubled

Vortex Fly to the dot! Be fast!

MiniGolf Much less primitive...but use Proximity

MiniGolf I mean, really primitive...see Proximity.

Baby Lunar Lander

Racer Design the fastest one...

Weasels Numeric vs Categorical. Are the slick weasels any different from the spiny ones?