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Here is the link to the United We Solve web answer book!

Look HERE to find recent papers and other useful stuff, including the EGADS book referred to at Asilomar 2008!

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United We Solve
Get It Together A Den of Inquiry
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Our Science Projects

Your Tax Dollars at Work: The National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program generously granted us support to develop science curriculum materials.

One project integrates physics and mathematics through data analysis and Fathom or Logger Pro. A Den of Inquiry is the first publication to come from that project. More are in preparation, even though it takes longer than we thought.
Integrating Physics and Mathematics >>

In another project, we're developing web-based simulations to help teach about the nature of science. We are developing classroom-ready scenarios aimed at grades 7–10.
The Nature of Science >>

Bragging Father

See my daughter's wood shop project...

For fun: my Monopoly wordle. You can make wordles too!

What's New?


Welcome Asilomar friends! You know that nascent book I mentioned, EGADs? Download the current version on our resources page.

Here is file a remake of the Demo 47 file from Fifty Fathoms. This is the one about the wait-time (geometric) distribution.

This ought to work fine with the demo as written, but as a couple of extra bonuses:

  • You can see the source collection (which now has 100 balls) and which ones are red.
  • You control the number of red balls with a slider.
  • If you change the number of red balls, the measures graph splits so you can see both distributions. (The disadvantage here is that to start fresh, you have to empty the Measures collection. Just select all and Delete Cases or Cut.)

Here is the baby-step lemonade simulation written as a Flex project.

Check out our first science offerings, A Den of Inquiry, volumes 1 and 2.

Jan 10 2008 Unofficial NH Dem Primary results BY TOWN. Text file. Includes info on type of voting system.

Tim's Dec 10 2007 AP stat post about voting.

Key Publishes Fifty Fathoms for Version 2!

Key Curriculum Press has taken over Fifty Fathoms and published an edition of the book updated for Fathom version 2. Same great demos, better layout, and three-hole punched!

[fifty fathoms version 2]

But you can't buy it here. Click the image to go to Key.

Book in the Works:
The Model Shop

This is a math book that emerged from our science project.

More information here....

(finally coming in 2010, we hope!)

Free, Fun Physics Fiction

Here is a product of our science project. Go to the resource page and download the pdf called "Annals of Plausibility."

This is the material presented at AAPT.

Visit the eeps Data Zoo!

Zoo fans! We now have some new and interesting data (including Astronomy stuff!) from our science project up on the web site. These include slinky data from eeps laboratories, as well as some student work on lenses.

We find and generate a lot of data that may be of interest to anyone who enjoys looking at or teaching about data analysis. We post it on this site for your enjoyment and free use.

More >>

Balboa Park BART departures Thanks for the data, BART!

Weather A test of reading XML...

Baby traffic sim written in Flex/ActionScript

Use SPSS files from IPUMS

Data Games stuff

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