Broken Copier
(page 62)

Here's a solution from a group of students in ALASKA!:

Our names are Karin, Alice, Kim, and Nick FAMA we go to Schonebar middle school Ketchikan Alaska. This is our soulution to the broken copier problem.
First we figured aut that if you copy at fifty percent twice and then copy at four hundred percent it would bring you back to one hundred percent. Next we figured out that if you multiplied seventy-five percent and then one hundred-thirteen percent it would bring you to 99.75 percent which is almost 100 percent.After we figured out the pattern we realized that the solutions were infinite if you match up the percents right.

Thank you, Karen, Alice, Kim, and Nick!
I think that you meant "one hundred thirty-three percent" in there, right?
What I liked BEST about your letter is that you mentioned the fact that there is more than one solution. In fact, you claim there are an infinite number of solutions! I wonder if other students agree. I also wonder what the practical considerations are in making copies of copies of copies of copies of copies...

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