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Choose variables from the Demography table

Sex: Gender
Age: Age in years (years)
Race1: Reported race/ethnicity
BornIn: Birth country
Education: Highest grade reached
H_Income: Household income
Poverty: Poverty income ratio
Marital: Marital status
Pregnant: Pregnancy status

Choose variables from the Body Measurements table

Weight: Weight (kg)
RecLen: Recumbent length (cm)
Height: Height (cm)
BMI: Body mass index (kg/m^2)

Choose variables from the Blood Pressure table

Pulse: Pulse rate, 60 seconds (bpm)
Systolic: Systolic (average) (mm*Hg)
Diastolic: Diastolic (average) (mm*Hg)

Choose variables from the Biochemistry (bloodwork) table

Cholest: Cholesterol (mg/dL)
Glucose: Serum glucose (mg/dL)
Iron: Iron (refigerated) (ug/dL)
Triglycerides: Triglycerides (mg/dL)
Sodium: Sodium (mmol/L)

Choose variables from the Sexual Behavior (questionnaire) table

Ever: Ever had sex?
AgeFirstSex: How old were you when you first had sex?
SX_orientation: Sexual orientation (from MSexOrient & FSexOrient)
SSP_life: Same sex partners, lifetime (computed)
OSP_Life: Opposite sex partners, lifetime (computed)

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Last modified July 16, 2007